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Hospital District Trustee Application

by Weston County Health Services

The election for the position of Hospital District Trustee will be held on May 3rd, 2016. To apply click on the link below and return or mail the form to Denice Pisciotti. Please have all forms turned in by February 23rd, 2016. Thank you, and good luck!

Hospital District Trustee Application Form


Weston County Hospital District Building Project Update

by Weston County Health Services

excavation-921245__180WY Department of Health approved the work through the foundations for the additions.
Work is primarily on the west side of the facility with the re-routing of a water line and the beginning of the dirt work for the foundation to begin.
o All patients and visitors to the hospital and manor should park in the rear of the facility. This is accessed on Boyd Avenue to Taft Avenue.
o Therapy patients will have parking spots near the Therapy entrance.
o The west side will have one lane open for emergency traffic only. Please abide by this as it will be only one lane.
o Facility staff will be parking in the front of the facility, on the street behind the facility, or on the east side of the Manor. This will allow for your easy access to services and to visit your loved ones. Signage will be provided for directional purposes.
o All services will be available throughout the construction period.
o At certain times we will be limited on hospital beds being available. These periods will be kept to a minimum and help in locating bed space will be provided.
o Please respect the construction fencing areas and do not enter. We want you to remain safe during this construction time.
We are very excited that work is started and know that things will be confusing for a while, please bear with us and if you should have any questions on the project, please contact Maureen Cadwell at 746-3733 or


Visitation Guidelines

by Weston County Health Services

Visitation Guidelines

Influenza season is gaining momentum in the area. Our priority is the safety and health of our most vulnerable hospital patients and senior care residents. With this in mind we are implementing Visitor Guidelines during the winter months to help protect patients and residents.

  • These guidelines also ask that no children under the age of 12 be allowed to visit patients or residents during this time.
  • Only immediate family or designated support person will be allowed.
  • Please do not visit if you have any of the following symptoms: coughing, sneezing, runny nose or a fever. Emergency Room and clinic patients with a cough will be required to wear a mask.
  • Please be diarrhea free for (72) hours before visiting.
  • Please wash your hands before, during and after visiting and/or use hand sanitizer provided.


Thank you for your cooperation. Once the influenza season has passed, we will lift these visitor guidelines. Your assistance in enforcing these guidelines will help protect our patients and senior care residents.


Health Insurance 101

by Weston County Health Services

Health Insurance 101

By LeAnn Kenagy, Marketplace Navigator

WHY SHOULD I GET HEALTH INSURANCE? An accident or serious illness resulting in a long hospitalization can be a financial burden to you and your family. It could take years to pay off the expenses incurred from a simple surgery or a chronic illness. The purpose of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is to make health insurance affordable for low to middle income families and ultimately lending support for a healthier population.

WHAT IF I HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE? If you have Medicaid, Medicare, COBRA, job based coverage, an insurance plan purchased outside of the marketplace that meets minimal essential coverage, or your children have CHIP (Children Health Insurance Program) you are considered covered and may NOT have to pay a tax penalty.   If your job-based coverage is considered affordable (9.5% of your income) you will NOT be eligible to shop on the Marketplace.

WHAT IF I DON’T HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE? If you don’t have health insurance most people MUST pay a responsibility fee when they file their taxes. For 2015 the penalty will be 2% of your income, or $324 per adult ($162.50 per child) whichever is greater.   Some people could qualify for an EXEMPTION from the fee based upon too low of income or other situations but they will need to apply for an exemption on or call 1-800-318-2596.

WHAT IS THE MARKETPLACE? The Marketplace is an online site to help people access affordable health coverage by enrolling in a health plan. You can apply online, by phone, or with a paper application. But remember, ONLY the Marketplace will offer Tax Credits and/or Cost Sharing Reductions making insurance affordable.

There are 5 key insurance terms that you need to understand about insurance.

  • Premium: Monthly amount you pay to your insurance provider for your plan
  • Deductible: Generally the amount you owe before your insurance begins to pay. Some plans pay before deducible is met. Those are nice.
  • Copay: A fixed amount you pay when you receive the service.
  • Coinsurance: Your share of the costs of a covered health care service calculated as a %. For example 80-20 plans means insurance pays 80% you pay 20%.
  • Out of pocket maximum limit. The most you would pay during a policy period usually a year before insurance pays 100% of covered costs.

WHAT INSURANCE COMPANIES OFFER MARKETPLACE PLANS? There are only two insurance companies in Wyoming that currently participate in the Marketplace; Blue Cross Blue Shield and WinHealth. Both companies offer several types of plans under the 5 categories: Bronze plan pays 60% you pay 40%; Silver plans pay 70% you pay 30%; Gold 80% -20% and Platinum 90%- 10%. There are also Catastrophic plans which have high deductible and high out of pocket before insurance pays anything.   Be aware that the plans that indicate H.S.A. are a Health Savings Account and those differ from standard insurance plans. Also plans with Dental included generally are for “child” dental not adult dental… however this year adult dental plans are available at a very reasonable rate.  But be sure to check out all the benefits before enrolling in a plan and write down the Plan ID# for future reference.

WHEN IS OPEN ENROLLMENT? The Marketplace Open Enrollment is November 15th thru February 15th annually. It is during this time period that you can apply or renew health plans UNLESS you qualify for a special enrollment period (SEP), such as loss of job, loss of insurance coverage or other life changing events that alter family size or income.  You can apply for new coverage or renew/change existing coverage online once you open an online account. It is best to use the online application because you can visually view plans and compare coverage. Note: American Indian and Alaska Natives can enroll anytime during the year.

WHAT DO I NEED TO OPEN A MARKETPLACE ACCOUNT AND SHOP FOR INSURANCE? You will need a personal email address, birth dates, social security numbers, estimated household gross income, and information about your job coverage for everyone in your household. Be sure to write down your marketplace password and security questions so you can access your Marketplace account later if changes occur.

WHAT DOES MARKETPLACE INSURANCE COST? The plan cost depends upon the State you live in, your age, household size and household “adjusted gross” income. Depending upon these variables health insurance can be very affordable. All Marketplace plans cover Essential Health Benefits with “free” or low cost preventive care. Pre-existing conditions no longer prevent you from getting insurance. By using the online Marketplace at you can preview plans and prices to see if you qualify for subsidies before completing a full application.

HOW DOES THE MARKETPLACE MAKE INSURANCE AFFORDABLE? Marketplace uses household adjusted gross income, household size, and age to calculate affordability: Tax Credits and Cost Sharing Reductions can only be offered through the Marketplace. (See chart below)

  • Incomes of 100% to 250% Federal Poverty Level you will qualify for:
  • Premium Tax Credits (PTC) which helps reduce monthly premiums AND
  • Cost sharing reductions (CSR) which reduces the amount of your “deductible” and “out-of-pocket maximum”. But you must purchase a Silver
  • Incomes > 250% to 400% Federal Poverty level will still qualify for
  • Tax credits but will NOT be eligible for cost sharing reductions.
  • Persons with income below 100% FPL will NOT qualify for subsidies or discounts therefore not offering “affordable” health insurance. If Wyoming EXPANDS Medicaid then these people would automatically qualify for Medicaid. Currently, Medicaid eligibility criteria depends upon age, disability, SSI eligibility or other criteria.
OPEN ENROLLMENT Nov 15 to Feb 15
Do you qualify for financial help to make health insurance affordable?
Federal Poverty Level (using adjusted gross income)      
Family Size 100% 138% 150% 200% 250% 300% 400%
1 $11,670.00 $16,105.00 $17,505.00 $23,340.00 $29,175.00 $35,010.00 $46,680.00
2 $15,730.00 $21,707.00 $23,595.00 $31,460.00 $39,325.00 $47,190.00 $62,920.00
3 $19,790.00 $27,309.00 $29,685.00 $39,580.00 $49,475.00 $59,370.00 $79,160.00
4 $23,850.00 $32,911.00 $35,775.00 $47,700.00 $59,625.00 $71,550.00 $95,400.00
5 $27,910.00 $38,513.00 $41,865.00 $55,820.00 $69,775.00 $83,730.00 $111,640.00
6 $31,970.00 $44,115.00 $47,955.00 $63,940.00 $79,925.00 $95,910.00 $127,880.00
7 $36,030.00 $49,717.00 $54,045.00 $72,060.00 $90,075.00 $108,090.00 $144,120.00
8 $40,090.00 $55,319.00 $60,135.00 $80,180.00 $110,225.00 $120,270.00 $160,360.00



WHAT IF I NEED HELP? If you need help with an application or have questions please call Weston County Health Services 746-3553 and visit with our trained Marketplace Navigator. You may also call the Marketplace 1-800-318-2596 OR call 211 for Wyoming Assistance. Remember, it doesn’t cost anything to check it out.   Don’t let medical costs beat you up!


Weston County Health Services Current Layout & Needs

by Weston County Health Services


master-floor-planWeston County Hospital District Building Project

There have been many items identified in a Facility Assessment that was completed by CTA Architects Engineers with the final product being a Master Plan (see drawing) that will upgrade the facility and building systems to bring efficiency to the facility as well as update it for the residents of Weston County.

Issues identified in the Hospital:

  • Wasted space – old Surgery and Labor & Delivery
  • Nurses Station is too open
  • Patient rooms share small bathrooms
  • Converted patient rooms to offices
  • Emergency Department too open
  • Registration area has no privacy

In the Manor:

  • Older resident rooms are too small and have too small of bathrooms
  • Limited bathing/showering rooms
  • Dining room is too small
  • Lack of space for male dementia residents
  • Lack of enough rooms
  • Inefficiency with the kitchen being in the basement

In addition, the building systems are greatly in need of updating in the hospital. The current systems are inefficient and dated and with new technology more efficiency will be gained.    The estimated cost of the Remodel/Upgrade is $14,184,412. Kaiser & Co. of Cheyenne was hired to help with determination and assistance with obtaining the financing needed for the project. In order to ensure the Hospital District’s financial stability, four different funding sources for the project were identified:

  • Hospital Cash – $2,500,000
  • Grant Sources – $3,000,000
  • 1% Specific Purpose Sales & Use Tax – $7,500,000
  • Hospital Revenue Bonds or State Loan – $1,185,000

The 1% Specific Purpose Sales & Use Tax will generate approximately $1,100,000 per year and would be in place for approximately 7 years. This initiative will require a vote of the residents of Weston County and is planned to be on the ballot in May, 2015. This initiative is not the same as the current 1% General Purpose Sales and Use Tax that is in place in Weston County that is divided between Weston County, City of Newcastle and the Town of Upton. This would increase the Sales tax in Weston County from 5% to 6%. In the surrounding counties of Crook, Campbell and Niobrara the Sales & Use Tax is currently at the 6% level. Once the Specific Purpose is met, the 1% Specific Use Sales & Use Tax will no longer exists unless the voters of Weston County determine another need and subsequently vote on that initiative.

The project to update/remodel the facility will address the needs and take carry our facility into the future for the residents of Weston County. Any questions/concerns or ideas can be directed to Maureen Cadwell at 307.746.3733 or




Need Help With Your Insurance?

by Weston County Health Services

Need Help with Health Insurance?

Navigators are here to answer all your questions about & how the Affordable Care Act affects you!

Just call us at 2-1-1.
• Finish enrollment
• Use your new insurance
• Report life changes
• Apply for Hardships & Exemptions
• Apply for Medicaid/CHIP
• Enroll in coverage as a member of a Tribe


Even though the March 31st deadline has passed, you can
still finish your application and enroll in health coverage
through There is no deadline to apply for
hardships & exemptions or for Medicaid/CHIP. You can also
report life changes any time during the year. If you have any
questions on how to apply or how to use your new insurance,
call 2-1-1 to speak with a navigator. Enroll Wyoming can help
you understand how the Affordable Care Act affects you!


Wellness Wednesdays

by Weston County Health Services


A new Wellness program brought to you by Weston County Health Services, available every
2nd and 4th Wednesday, each month, from 6:30-8:30 a.m. This program includes a blood
draw for select laboratory tests at reasonable rates. The testing is drawn by, performed,
reported and maintained at WCHS twice a month, at 1124 Washington Blvd. in Newcastle. This
new Wellness program is designed to allow people to access laboratory testing more frequently, and therefore, enable everyone to better take care of their health. The first blood draw will be held on Wednesday, April 23, from 6:30-8:30 a.m. at the Hospital. We hope to see you there, but remember this happens every month, so please plan to participate at your convenience!

If you have any questions, please contact WCHS Lab at (307) 746-3703.


Link to Weston County Homeland Security’s Facebook page

by Weston County Health Services

For quick information on surrounding fires, severe weather, and notices click:!/pages/WESTON-COUNTY-HOMELAND-SECURITY/111308215567128