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floorplanWeston County Hospital District Building Project

There have been many items identified in a Facility Assessment that was completed by CTA Architects Engineers with the final product being a Master Plan (see drawing) that will upgrade the facility and building systems to bring efficiency to the facility as well as update it for the residents of Weston County.

Issues identified in the Hospital:

  • Wasted space – old Surgery and Labor & Delivery
  • Nurses Station is too open
  • Patient rooms share small bathrooms
  • Converted patient rooms to offices
  • Emergency Department too open
  • Registration area has no privacy

In the Manor:

  • Older resident rooms are too small and have too small of bathrooms
  • Limited bathing/showering rooms
  • Dining room is too small
  • Lack of space for male dementia residents
  • Lack of enough rooms
  • Inefficiency with the kitchen being in the basement

In addition, the building systems are greatly in need of updating in the hospital. The current systems are inefficient and dated and with new technology more efficiency will be gained.    The estimated cost of the Remodel/Upgrade is $14,184,412. Kaiser & Co. of Cheyenne was hired to help with determination and assistance with obtaining the financing needed for the project. In order to ensure the Hospital District’s financial stability, four different funding sources for the project were identified:

  • Hospital Cash – $2,500,000
  • Grant Sources – $3,000,000
  • 1% Specific Purpose Sales & Use Tax – $7,500,000
  • Hospital Revenue Bonds or State Loan – $1,185,000

The 1% Specific Purpose Sales & Use Tax will generate approximately $1,100,000 per year and would be in place for approximately 7 years. This initiative will require a vote of the residents of Weston County and is planned to be on the ballot in May, 2015. This initiative is not the same as the current 1% General Purpose Sales and Use Tax that is in place in Weston County that is divided between Weston County, City of Newcastle and the Town of Upton. This would increase the Sales tax in Weston County from 5% to 6%. In the surrounding counties of Crook, Campbell and Niobrara the Sales & Use Tax is currently at the 6% level. Once the Specific Purpose is met, the 1% Specific Use Sales & Use Tax will no longer exists unless the voters of Weston County determine another need and subsequently vote on that initiative.

The project to update/remodel the facility will address the needs and take carry our facility into the future for the residents of Weston County. Any questions/concerns or ideas can be directed to Maureen Cadwell at 307.746.3733 or mcadwell@wchs-wy.org.




Need Help With Your Insurance?

by Weston County Health Services

Need Help with Health Insurance?

Navigators are here to answer all your questions about
HealthCare.gov & how the Affordable Care Act affects you!

Just call us at 2-1-1.
• Finish enrollment
• Use your new insurance
• Report life changes
• Apply for Hardships & Exemptions
• Apply for Medicaid/CHIP
• Enroll in coverage as a member of a Tribe


Even though the March 31st deadline has passed, you can
still finish your application and enroll in health coverage
through HealthCare.gov. There is no deadline to apply for
hardships & exemptions or for Medicaid/CHIP. You can also
report life changes any time during the year. If you have any
questions on how to apply or how to use your new insurance,
call 2-1-1 to speak with a navigator. Enroll Wyoming can help
you understand how the Affordable Care Act affects you!


Now Offering Sleep Studies

by Weston County Health Services

1 out of 6 people you see every day suffer from a sleep disorder.
Weston County Health Services is very excited to announce that it is now offering Sleep Studies, through Western Sleep Medicine LLC, for those with a physician’s
referral. When the test is ordered, WCHS will have a room in the hospital set up to perform the study. For more information about getting a good night’s sleep, call Debra Holt, Respiratory Therapist, WCHS Cardiopulmonary Dept., at (307) 746-3705.

Wellness Wednesdays

by Weston County Health Services


A new Wellness program brought to you by Weston County Health Services, available every
2nd and 4th Wednesday, each month, from 6:30-8:30 a.m. This program includes a blood
draw for select laboratory tests at reasonable rates. The testing is drawn by, performed,
reported and maintained at WCHS twice a month, at 1124 Washington Blvd. in Newcastle. This
new Wellness program is designed to allow people to access laboratory testing more frequently, and therefore, enable everyone to better take care of their health. The first blood draw will be held on Wednesday, April 23, from 6:30-8:30 a.m. at the Hospital. We hope to see you there, but remember this happens every month, so please plan to participate at your convenience!

If you have any questions, please contact WCHS Lab at (307) 746-3703.


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